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Hello Spacebee's,

welcome to my Homepage!

Spacebee is a fan page for manned and unmanned space flight, especially for women.
Female space flight fans are very rare, that's why I created this site for us.

Why are women so seldom in this area?

I don't know.  There are probably more women interested in space than expected. But women are also interested in the area reserved space for other things than most men. We'll probably see more social benefits of a space station, while interested men to prefer the technical elements. Maybe we women are also compassionate and could could be helpful at longterm missions in creating a positive pole to the crew.

Btw: Men are also welcome here...

Lovely Greetings!


This time in Space: Expedition 28:

Photo credits: NASA

  Hope to get some new photos to this homepage this weekend into the photo-area... ;-)

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